Yuan Xin 辛元
(She/Her) ‘s creations span various mediums and themes, from printed materials to immersive 3D videos, exploring the reexamination of memory, dream, female identity, and the unseen beyond the surface of the human experience. Her work invites viewers into virtual landscapes, often integrating montage, theatrical environments, and metaphorical concepts into her presentation, or referencing works of Chinese literature. She tracks forms of feeling and communicating hidden behind social constructs and digital cognition, unfolding into sensitive and often somber narratives.



Whispers of The Soul

Whispers of The Soul is a 3-dimension video that reflects my contemplation of the oppression of females in ancient China. A new way to look at the story The Peony Pavilion is by creating the role of a woman who longed for more than the limited role society had assigned her. This work depicts the struggles, dreams, and silent defiance of women who lived in a patriarchal society where they were treated as mere objects; it reflects the awakening of female youth consciousness.

Video: 1632px * 910px, 5mins
Publication: Inject print, 5in * 7in


视频: 1632px * 910px, 5mins
书籍: 喷墨打印,5英寸*7英寸

Threads Unbound/未装订的页面

Threads Unbound investigated the formation of biased cognitive patterns within information ecosystems, examining the blend of reality and fiction in human perception. This project turns the exhibition space into an experimental field that prompts reflection on the mechanism of constructing narratives based on the subtle yet powerful forces of reading processes.
Video: 1:47 mins
Viny, prints: variable sizes

“未装订的页面” 研究了信息生态系统中有偏见的认知模式的形成,检查了人类感知中现实和虚构的混合。这个项目将展览空间变成了一个实验场,以阅读过程中微妙而强大的力量为基础,引发对叙事构建机制的思考。
视频: 1:47 mins
乙烯基、背胶纸打印: 多种尺寸

Not Seeing Until You See/明见未知

An invisible book, a puzzle book, an artistic research book, and an archive. This book is an invitation for curious people to keep reading through an interpretational voyage of their own.

Letterpress, inject print, 7.25in * 10in
凸板印刷, 喷墨印刷: 7.25英寸 * 10英寸

Life In A Day / 浮游

Life In A Day/浮游 is a double-sided photography book exploring how images can serve as a means of conveying emotions. It was aimed to capture the complexity of memories associated with ordinary or commonplace objects and images.

Photography, darkroom enlarger printing, inject print, 7in * 10.7in
《Life In A Day/浮游》是一本探索图像如何作为传达情感的媒介的双面书籍。旨在捕捉记忆与普通或平凡物品、图像相关的复杂性。


Are We On The Same Page?/我们在同一界面吗?

Publication Launch Installation at  the Institute for Contemporary Art in Richmon, VA

Are We On the Same Page?
is a publication that has two intertwined focuses. This publication documents the process of the graphic design MFA students at VCU creating a collective publication in Fall 2022 and how this process was affected by mistranslations. In documenting this process, this publication reflects on the generative power of mistranslations. This publication was distributed at the New York Art Book Fair in Fall 2022 through the publishing initiative Nico Fontana

Publication: Riso print, 5.5in * 8.5in

“我们在同一页吗?”是一个有两个相互交织的焦点的出版物。本出版物记录了VCU平面设计MFA学生在2022年秋季创建集体出版物的过程,以及该过程如何受到误译的影响。在记录这一过程中,本出版物反映了误译的生成能力。该出版物通过Nico Fontana出版倡议于2022年秋季在纽约艺术书展上发行。


A Fever Dream/发烧时的梦

This video takes the exploration of sensory experience as a starting point, leading the audience to navigate the entire space by constructing specific visual effects and different personal perspectives.
1920px  *  1080px, 1:23mins
1920px  *  1080px, 1分钟23秒


Nonsequence uses its time-based one-act playwriting to disrupt linear or expected narratives. By featuring ordinary objects and the activity of throwing trash, destabilizing assumptions about fixed beginnings and casual chains. By playing the sequence of things that happen and blur the existence of the objects, it is a way to reintroduce the object into the flux of everyday life, relegating it to the realm of memory for the reader. 
Inject print, 3.5*8 in


Hetu Luoshu/河图洛书

Hetu Luoshu is a description and interpretation of the origins of the Hetu and Luoshu patterns in China. The River Map (He Tu) is a set of nine squares representing the Nine Heavens and Eight Earths, while the Luo Book (Luo Shu) is a set of binary hexagrams that can be used for divination.
Inject print, 8.35in * 4.1in



The Shimmer

Poster  Design