Yuan Xin 辛元
(She/Her) ‘s creations span various mediums and themes, from printed materials to immersive 3D videos, exploring the reexamination of memory, dream, female identity, and the unseen beyond the surface of the human experience. Her work invites viewers into virtual landscapes, often integrating montage, theatrical environments, and metaphorical concepts into her presentation, or referencing works of Chinese literature. She tracks forms of feeling and communicating hidden behind social constructs and digital cognition, unfolding into sensitive and often somber narratives.



Whispers of The Soul

Whispers of The Soul is a 3-dimension video that reflects my contemplation of the oppression of females in ancient China. A new way to look at the story The Peony Pavilion is by creating the role of a woman who longed for more than the limited role society had assigned her. This work depicts the struggles, dreams, and silent defiance of women who lived in a patriarchal society where they were treated as mere objects; it reflects the awakening of female youth consciousness.

Video: 1632px * 910px, 5mins
Publication: Inject print, 5in * 7in


视频: 1632px * 910px, 5mins
书籍: 喷墨打印,5英寸*7英寸