Yuan Xin 辛元
(She/Her) ‘s creations span various mediums and themes, from printed materials to immersive 3D videos, exploring the reexamination of memory, dream, female identity, and the unseen beyond the surface of the human experience. Her work invites viewers into virtual landscapes, often integrating montage, theatrical environments, and metaphorical concepts into her presentation, or referencing works of Chinese literature. She tracks forms of feeling and communicating hidden behind social constructs and digital cognition, unfolding into sensitive and often somber narratives.



Are We On The Same Page?/我们在同一界面吗?

Publication Launch Installation at  the Institute for Contemporary Art in Richmon, VA

Are We On the Same Page?
is a publication that has two intertwined focuses. This publication documents the process of the graphic design MFA students at VCU creating a collective publication in Fall 2022 and how this process was affected by mistranslations. In documenting this process, this publication reflects on the generative power of mistranslations. This publication was distributed at the New York Art Book Fair in Fall 2022 through the publishing initiative Nico Fontana

Publication: Riso print, 5.5in * 8.5in

“我们在同一页吗?”是一个有两个相互交织的焦点的出版物。本出版物记录了VCU平面设计MFA学生在2022年秋季创建集体出版物的过程,以及该过程如何受到误译的影响。在记录这一过程中,本出版物反映了误译的生成能力。该出版物通过Nico Fontana出版倡议于2022年秋季在纽约艺术书展上发行。